How It Came To Be

By Jim Belleau

This was not my idea. I can assure the reader that this whole adventure was as surprising to me as it is to anyone else, especially those deeply familiar with the life and times of Bob Marly. All due respect from here on in my brothers and sisters, OK? But on the morning of May 12th, 2009, I was doing my usual morning meditation when something very different began to happen.
For about eight or nine months previous to this day I had begun using an advanced approach to my daily quiet time, something I was being eased into through my work with A Course In Miracles. It is simple and, so, easy to describe, I continue to this day with the same technique. That being I simply get quiet and receptive, I quiet my thinking brain as much as possible (sometimes through attention to my breathing) and I get as receptive as I can. I say this is an advanced technique because, in its simplicity, it undermines the entire ego-based premise, that being that we are separate from God and that the Oneness is not real, that our connection to the Oneness is always some time in the future. Combined with this, for about the same eight or nine months I had also been "turning over" my day, all of its events, all of its activities, to my Guide to direct (now called Guide-I). Again, this is beyond the conception of the ego-based brain because the ego believes in nothing rather than something. Think what this means to believe in nothing, that there could be "nothing" somewhere out there.
So, I am sitting on the couch getting more and more peaceful when these words appeared in my Mind's eye:

Inner fires, inner light
Your eyes so brightly lit
I know that heat, I know that fight

I simply read them like a highway sign your car passes under, I literally am looking upward in my Mind's eye at these three lines. I' notice the rhyme and quality of the phrasing but my inner peace was quite strong and I was about to dismiss them and get back to feeling good when two more lines appeared:

I'm here to tell you how to go
We are together, it's always so

Something told me to write them down as opposed to thinking I could just remember them (since they were so vivid). Reluctantly I got up found a notebook and wrote the lines down. Then came:

I see the mountain, it's so high
Shoulder to shoulder you stand with I
Don't look down, it propped you up
That mountain's there cause of your light and touch
In your shining light and fire
It's under you 'cause you're the higher

Simple People smiling right
Simple people standing high
With your eyes burning bright
On the mountain above the sky...

Fifty-five more lines came out, all of them as poetic and coherent as what is printed above. I had never written a song or poem and here before me was something that not only had a great message but contained several flawless rhyming schemes. As songs go, it is an epic. And I was hearing a reggae beat under it while I wrote. Vague but pleasant, it was definitely reggae. Later I realized there was a specific concept contained in the song, a 'tool' if you will with a specific purpose.
The next morning, again in my meditation, another song wanted to come out, so happily (though still somewhat befuddled) I complied:

My people come to me
don't be afraid, it's destiny
Loose the fear that's your task
My part will follow without you ask

There's a simple route to take
An easy journey that's yours to make

As I wrote, I got into an effortless zone, just a mode of listening and allowing the material to come. It was truly effortless which is another difficult belief for the ego. The zone was so rich and natural feeling, so soothing and sweet.

I taught you then, I'm waiting now
You do your part, still I show you how
My touch is soft and soothing still
Your soul in mine cause that's the will

At this point I was impressed with the first person aspect of the message but still feeling very pleasantly bewildered. So I stopped writing and asked sincerely, What is this? Instantly came the reply: Message From Bob. The reply was so fast and so clear that I just had to blink my eyes a few times and accept it. OK, I can (happily, yeah, very happily) deal with that. Thank you. Um, yeah, um, well all right... back to the song writing:

You are in heaven, it's so near
The truth is in you and not the fear
Easy way to slip what's not
Truly yours and feel you've got
I and I, You and You
My people are me and them I too...

Fourteen more lines came out for this one in including, "...ours is yours without the 'why' " which I have loved ever since. The song's title came: My People (Feel It How) meaning that emotions are the primary source of communication. And very clearly a new Rastafarian concept to be called 'You and You,' which stands for nation-to-nation in the same way I and I acknowledges the Oneness among individuals. You and You succinctly expresses the Oneness among nations and that it is all right to begin to let go of fear and separation between nations. 'Loose the fear that's your task.' And there was a deadly serious feeling underlying the message, not only is it OK to loose the fear but it's time now to look at our responsibility for our own vibration. It's the time.
About four or five months before this all began I had one direct contact with Marley. At the time I was living atop a two thousand foot mountain on the grounds of Harmony Hill Retreat Center in upstate New York. On Sunday afternoons I cut and split fire wood, a task I still do to this day and which brings me remarkable peace. The chain saw demands total respect. I was working at the splitter which has an engine and hydraulics and so (pleasantly) I was wearing a helmet with ear protection and my earbuds under the helmet's coverings. Nice combination, you get real intimacy with the music. With the splitter, yes; with the chain saw, no, don't do it. So, I'm splitting wood, listening to tunes, connecting deeply with the singers, catching that in-breath before the line is sung. Bob Marley appeared to me in my Mind's eye with that quality where you know it's not one's own random thoughts colliding but something of an entirely different order. He was standing there turned three-quarters toward me with that self-possessed way he had about him, with that thousand-yard stare. It was just this flat, deadly-serious lock-on between us. Without speaking, telepathically he said to me, "There is nothing I had that you do not also have." It registered totally and completely into my awareness, it got it and felt it. When he saw that, the episode ended. That one two-by-four truth was walloped into me and I believed it then and now base my life on it.
As May progressed into June I wrote a total of thirteen songs in which the calibre and consistency did not fluctuate at all. Every stanza has the exact same quality of voice and message. As the summer passed more and more clarity came until it reached a point where the entire concept emerged. The title of the disc was dictated as:


Which is followed with 'Taking Bob's Message Of Freedom To The Next Level.' This I explain in-depth in the QR Manifesto; it suggests a major shift in one's own feeling and thinking. Each song contains a specific psychological tool one can use in any situation. So that the material can be interacted with on many different levels depending on how much depth one wishes to pursue. This website and the disc are designed to work together to feed the deepest appetite for freedom to whatever degree feels right. The answers contained in the QR message work and they can unlock a place of total freedom for anyone who wishes since we are simply unlocking our own Quantum Mind. We all possess it, we all are it, we all were created through and in it and are all sustained and safe within it. It is real and at hand any time one wishes to switch to it. To pass with Guide-I from the ego-based mind into the Quantum-based Mind is the message and new possibility now given through Message From Bob.