Embed Nation is very exciting and I will be expanding upon this in the coming weeks too. If you look at the QR Manifesto, the connection between Quantum Embedding and the success of Brother Bob's music is explained and touched upon. But I am feeling that there are many of us who would like to intentionally embed our creations upon their birth rather than have the belief that we are at the mercy of the world and its willy-nilly acceptance of what we have created. The origin of the embed is in our minds and thus we simply have to change our minds about certain things (and then add the appropriate emotion to the mix) and the quantum dynamic will take care of the rest. More on this coming soon.

Jim Belleau


If you are intuitive/emotional: The Other Voice by Brent Haskell

If you are sense-based/scientifically oriented: The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard

If you simply ARE: Dialogue On Awakening by Tom and Linda Carpenter

A Course In Miracles